Our Impact

  • 83 Countries

    Plan International currently programs and works in 83 countries worldwide.

  • 41.6 Million

    We’ve reached more than 41.6 million children, including 22.2 million girls, in our programs across the globe.

  • 4.3 Million

    Girls and young women received better access to education.

  • 4.4 Million

    Girls and young women were supported with sexual and reproductive health services and support.

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The first 1000 days of a child’s life can decide their future

Early childhood development

A new life is something to be celebrated and nurtured. A child’s early years of age, spanning from the moment of conception up until their second birthday, will influence their health, growth and learning potential for the rest of their lives. We want every newborn baby to have the best possible start in life. Learn more about our work here.

Photo: Cawo, 23, with her one-year-old daughter Misko. © Plan International / Izla Bethdavid

We’re working with communities to build climate resilience 

Climate Action

The world’s poorest communities have contributed the least to global heating, but they are the most exposed to its impacts. For those living on the most fragile land and without the resources to adapt, coping with climate-related disasters is becoming harder and harder.

Learn more about Plan International's work across south-east Asia and the Pacific, and how we help communities adapt to climate change.

Photo: Margaret, 32, tries to salvage what she can from her dry maize field.  © Plan International

Education is the quickest path to girls’ equality

Girls' Education

As the charity for girls’ equality, we know education is the quickest path to achieving an equal world; one where all children can live happy and healthy lives, and where girls can take their rightful place as equals.

When a girl is educated, not only is she given choices for her future and opportunities that can change her life – she can change the world.

Learn more about the barriers girl's face accessing education.

Photo: Adolescent friendly information corners have been set up at 36 schools in Bardiya district. © Plan International / Tilak Gaha Magar

In the 2022-23 financial year, Plan International Australia:

  • Managed 64 projects that reached 1.2 million people

  • Reached 79,784 people through our programs supported by the Australian Government’s Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)

  • Reached 675,000 people through the delivery of 35 Disaster Risk Management projects

  • Supported 160 early childhood centres, benefitting 3,306 children in Bangladesh

  • Reached 49,377 students through our school feeding programs in South Sudan

  • Conducted monthly nutritional screenings for 8,311 boys, 8,199 girls and 4,206 women in Ethiopia

  • Reached 170,000 people through 7 Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) projects

  • Reached 240,000 people through 7 projects focusing on Girls and Womens’ Empowerment
Photo: Melissa, 18, with her baby son. © Plan International / Izla Bethdavid