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Plan’s Share Plate is a recipe subscription and a four weekly donation in one. It allows you to support girls and their communities while sharing in their culture through food.


Supporting change for girls around the world

In communities around the world, girls are bearing the brunt of hunger, economic instability, climate change, poverty and conflict – pushing them further and further into disadvantage and inequality. 

By signing up to Plan’s Share Plate, you are helping fund life-changing programs that drive positive change and create a better life for girls, everywhere. 

Our impact

Meet Sinun

Sinun is 18 years old and a year 12 student living with her grandmother in Cambodia. 

In her community, lack of education about healthy eating means many children only eat grilled or fried food – and very few vegetables. But thanks to Plan International’s School Learning Garden project, Sinun has been learning all about horticulture, cooking and the benefits of healthy eating at school.

“It’s important that I have learned to cook fresh, healthy food,” says Sinun. “I can cook when my family is not home, and if I pursue higher education far from home, I can cook for myself and save up money. I feel it’s healthier and cleaner to cook my own food.” 

By subscribing to Plan’s Share Plate, you are helping support programs like the School Learning Garden to educate children on the importance of healthy eating and cooking.

  • STEP 1:

    Subscribe and donate for just $30 every four weeks.

  • STEP 2:

    With your donation you’ll receive a recipe from one of the countries around the world where we work for you to learn every four weeks.

  • STEP 3:

    Your recipe will be accompanied by a story on the back of the card. The story will be shared by a community in the country where the recipe originates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive for my subscription?

Every four weeks, you will receive one recipe from one of the countries where we work. A community member will share their story on the back of your recipe card.

How do I receive my subscription?

Every four weeks, you will receive an email your new recipe. Remaining subscribed to emails from Plan's Share Plate ensures your recipe will continue to be delivered on time to your inbox.

If you accidently unsubscribe from email communications and receive your subscription confirmation but do not recipe your recipe for the month, reach out to our team at info@plan.org.au for assistance.

Can I give more than $30 every four weeks?

We are always grateful for your generosity and welcome any additional gifts you choose to give. You can make an additional donation by visiting our donation page.

Where do the funds go?

Your donation will support girls and their communities where food insecurity and inequality are rife. Through your four weekly subscription, Plan International Australia is able to distribute funds where and when they are needed most, to fund our food, education and cash transfer programmes.

Learn more about how funds are used.

Can I cancel any time?

We understand circumstances change and this may require you to cancel or pause your subscription. If, at any time,  you wish to cancel your subscription, you may do so by clicking the Manage Subscription button in your most recent order confirmation email, or visiting your customer account page here.

Please note subscriptions can be paused and restarted at any time, however, once a subscription has been cancelled it cannot be reactivated. If you have cancelled your subscription and would like to reactivate it, reach out to our team at info@plan.org.au for assistance.

Is my subscription fee tax deductible?

Yes, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. To assist you with your tax returns at the end of the year, we will send you a tax receipt by post or by email in July of each year.

Share a meaningful experience with your family

The Share Plate invites you to embrace the joy of cooking together as a family, while learning about the lives of children in the communities where your recipe comes from.

And the best part? Your four weekly donation will be helping support girls and their communities to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. Join us in making a difference – one dish at a time!

Share more than a meal

Food is one of the greatest representations of who we are and where we come from. By subscribing to Plan’s Share Plate today, you can share a life-changing connection with children  and their cultures through food. Add your voice to the story by sharing your meal with the hashtag #planshareplate.

Together, we can create a better and fairer future for girls, everywhere.